Investment Management services for corporations’ deals in UAE

We at M.A.I. Project Management Corporation have the best team of professional managers to help our clients deal, and market their preferable investments.

We can assist our clients by advising for the trading of their investments to achieve a specific investment objective.

Our investment management services include consulting for the asset allocation, stock selection, monitoring of existing investments, and portfolio strategy and implementation.

We can assist bringing to our clients that would like to sell or buy properties and any other investment including precious metals, commodities, and artwork to a trustworthy buyer or seller.

Investment Management services for corporations’ deals in UAE

Additionally, we are consulting our clients on how they can always ensure their company’s tangible and intangible assets are maintained, accounted for, and well-utilized. Our expertise is the creation of an investment policy and strategy followed by continuous monitoring to ensure that the objectives set out in it are being met.

We begin with a thorough understanding of our client needs, guidelines, policies and restrictions. And as market conditions constantly change, we are ensuring to our client the acquisition of the best deal following their company’s strategy and target.

We believe communication is key throughout the entire process and we focus on ongoing monitoring to ensure that we are meeting our client’s objectives.

We at M.A.I. Project Management Corporation accomplish clients’ defined investment objectives.